Let’s try this again

I attempted to start a blog with a similar theme when I had my first child, Remy Zuzu.  I tried to start a blog some time after my second child, Netta Coco, was born.  I do not have three children, I do have tenure so, I am now bound and determined to start this blog. I don’t know why. Well I do kind of… I see every single day the connections between what I teach in my educational psychology courses and how I am rearing my children.   I see example after example.  I hear myself almost trying to save the moment and use it as an example later or wishing I had videoed the moment to show my students.  OR the fact that I am constantly thinking about the theories, research and practices I discuss in class as I begin this parenting adventure.  For me there is almost no separation between being an ed psych professor and being a mama.  The only difference is I have a “class of 2” and most of my students will have classes of 20 (probably closer to 30 unfortunately).

To almost force myself, I bought the domain.  See in the past when I have bought the gym membership, I actually went to the gym.  I was not the statistic who let it go unused.  I am too cheap- my mom says I am frugal- I am cheap.  So, I have to find time and get this thing rolling.

I currently envision having a page for parents, who like me are just trying to do our best.  We are surfing through all kinds of information and then trying to apply that to our situation, our children, our home.  For me though, the research has to be sound.  I mean I teach research methods and statistics so, if the study is not done well, I am not buying.  For me there is a science to learning and education, and I take that into account when rearing my children. Though sometimes it is really hard (impossible) to single out the variable that is causing the problem.

I also envision a page for students- mine and all of the other ed psych students out there preparing to be teachers.  I want them to understand the research behind various methods and instructional practices.  I want them to consider the methods that they have experienced and question whether they were actually good, bad or indifferent.  My goal is for teachers to be empowered educators.  For them to be able to sift through the often worthless professional development they attend and to build their own personal learning networks and to become even better educators.

I love learning and I love education and I love research.  I love my kiddos.  So my goal is to try and combine all of these loves (not listed in order of love), find time to write about them and post them here for the 3 people who may eventually read this blog.

Time for bed.

**(It was a good thing I went to bed because I spent the next two days dealing with sick kiddos.)

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